Πάρε-πάρε...Βλεφαρίδα με LED έχωωωω

H δημιουργός της βλεφαρίδας Soomi Park λέει:

An LED Eyelash project is brought into the world to find an answer to this simple question: Why do women want larger and bigger eyes? In particular, Asians tend to have stronger needs for bigger eyes as a standard of beauty.

Since relatively few Asians are born with big eyes, those without can only look for alternative ways to make their eyes look prettier – i.e., larger. They have a repertoire of skills to make their eyes look enlarged: makeup, jewelry, and plastic surgery. Their desire for bigger eyes are almost obsessive in that so many women look to plastic surgery in order to make their dream come true. Soomi calls this, the fetish of Big Eyes.



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