Emily Wells

About: The wonderfully talented Emily Wells has been described as "the musician who will crush any preconceived notions you ever had about classical music and hip hop." Emily Wells' songwriting combines electronics, orchestral strings, jazz structures, pop sensibilities, and vibrato-laden vocals into one eclectic package. A former child prodigy, she began fielding offers from record labels during her teenage years. Wells balked at the idea of relinquishing creative control to a team of producers, however, and independently toured the country to support her music instead.
- So Emily, I understand that you play many instruments; unusual, toy instruments, etc. Can you name a few favorites?
Emily Wells: My main instrument is the violin. Im also really into little toy instruments. I have a few toy pianos and always bring one on the road with me. I have little glockenspiels, I love analog synthesizers, old synthesizers, old drum machines ... anything that I can sample — Im into. I really like the combination between real instruments and electronic stuff. I also like the uke a lot ... [The Melodica is] a really cool instrument. You can kinda make a sound like an accordion because its got air going through. You can play chords just like you would on an accordion, but you can also play single notes.
- Is there anything weird, funny, a lucky charm that you always bring on the road when you tour?
EW: Okay, this is really embarrassing. Im not proud of this at all. Let me preface it with that. I have this lucky pair of socks that I always wear on stage. On the socks, it says Im too sexy. I wear them at every single show that I play which on the road can get kinda gnarlyyou gotta do a little sink wash. I cant believe I just told you that. Ive never told any [interviewer] that. You made me all comfortable.