60 δευτερολεπτα που θα αλλαξουν τον τροπο που σκεφτεσαι (Video)

Από τα σχόλια στο βίντεο:

I've been that homeless guy. I was him for almost 8 years. Who I am now is because of how I was treated then. People don't see you. Don't hear you. You stop being a person to them, you become less than human. To have another human being acknowledge you, just a simple hello, can make all the difference in the world.

People judge the homeless, and those who have less, by the actions and words of just a tiny fraction of the whole. This is wrong. Everyone should give what they can, not because they have more, or because others have less, but because it is the right thing to do. We are all in this together, though some seem to have forgotten that. Just because you work, have kids, have a house, does not make you more of a person than someone who has none of those things.

Treat each other with dignity, treat each other with compassion. Who knows, one day that homeless person may be you.